The QSE is participatory and is to be supported by all members of the Faculty. For the implementation and coordination, the Faculty appoints a Quality Representative and a Quality Assistant. In addition, the Faculty Commission for QSE with representatives from all strands is responsible in particular for monitoring and supporting the implementation of QSE measures in teaching and research.

Members of the QSE Commission as of 1 August 2018 are:

Department representatives
SOWI: Ben Jann (Vorsitzender)
VWL: Winand Emons
BWL: Andreas Hack

Intermediary staff representatives
SOWI: Kerstin Nebel
VWL: Daniel Steffen
BWL: Dominique Wasna

Students representatives
SOWI: Mirco Good
VWL: Stefan Schmocker
BWL: Nicolas Hafner

Coordinator quality assurance and development WISO Faculty

The composition, tasks and meeting modalities of the Commission are defined in the Faculty Regulations.