The next round of the WISO mentoring will take place from September 2019 - June 2020.

The WISO-Mentoring is a program for the promotion of early career researchers in the Faculty of Business, Economics & Social Science and has already been run successfully four times. The mentoring program is aimed at holders of qualification positions, i.e. doctoral candidates and postdocs interested in academic career opportunities or in alternative career paths and wishing to actively plan and advance their career.

WISO Mentoring offers a multifaceted program, provides individual support to participants by offering them professional guidance and highlighting the opportunities presented by a career in science.

The program elements will be held in German and/or English, according to the participants' needs.



  • supports young scientists at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Science
  • offers the chance to actively plan your career
  • offers participants the opportunity to expand their network in Academia or outside
  • gives the participants the opportunity to benefit from the experience of established scientists (University of Bern or external) and from people from practice if required
Program items  Content
Framework program

A framework program consisting in four half-day or daily modules. Participants contribute in defining the thematic content of these events.

Individual Coaching

The participants benefit from an individual coaching on subjects of their own choice such as for example: research funding, career planning and reconciliation, working life as a researcher, preparation for an appointment procedure, mobility, etc.

One-to-one Mentoring

One-to-one Mentoring designates a system of relation between an experienced senior scientist (mentor) and a younger less experienced junior scientist (mentee). A mentor supports beyond normal supervisor - subordinates dependencies, gives advice, introduces into networks and helps understanding mechanisms and unwritten rules of an organization. In the WISO-Mentoring, the mentees chose a professor (from the University of Bern or an other university) who accompanies them during the duration of the program. The coordinator assists the mentees in their search for a mentor and usually establishes the first contact. Ideally, both parties are working and researching in different institutions in a similar or related domain so as professional interests are overlapping. The mentoring tandem maintain a regular exchange independently from the framework program. Mentee and mentor agree upon the form and the intensity of their exchange individually.


Peer-Mentoring stands for the networking and mutual support of junior scientists (mentees) within or beyond the own level of formation and department. The framework program enables the participants to exchange among each other and to reflect upon their own career.

Duration of the program  September 2019 to June 2020
Application deadline  May 15, 2019
 Modul 1: Kick-off  4 September 2019
 Modul 2: Career planing  15 January 2020
 Modul 3: Done being nice!  10 and 26 March 2020
 Modul 4: Thema tbd  June 2020

You are a doctoral student or a postdoc researcher at the faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Bern, interested in academic career paths or interested in alternative career path and would like to actively plan and push forward your carreer.

You are willing to engage with the academic career, to participate in the different program items, you are interested in exchanging with other young researchers and bring an open mind for external suggestions and critics (One-to-One Mentoring, Coaching).

The program requires a minimum of 5 participants. The maximal number of participants is 15.

Selection criteria

  • Guarantee of the funding and employment situation during the program.
  • Motivation to participate in the WISO-Mentoring and the thereof expected benefits for the own career.
  • Gender*.

The selection is made by the program direction. Acceptance or refusals are communicated to the candidates by E-mail.

*Because of the low proportion of women professors at the faculty, the program direction reserves the right to limit the proporition of male participants to one third.

Program Coordination

Program directors

Please submit your application until May 15 2019 with the Online-Application form.
Your information will be treated strictly confidential and not passed on to third parties.

If you have any questions, please contact miriam.ganzfried@wisodek.unibe.ch.