Master's in Economics

This Master program at the University of Bern expands the knowledge students have attained at the Bachelor level and addresses selected topics in various areas. The Master program is more specialized than the Bachelor program, while also offering a relatively broad-based education. The program challenges students intellectually and presents them with situations they might confront in practice: Students work together in groups, conduct their own independent studies, implement their ideas and are given the opportunity to work in an international environment. The program's combination of theory and practice prepares them perfectly for the working world.

It is intended for students who want to acquire general skills in economics that are applicable in a broad range of fields, but who still want to have the possibility to specialize in a particular field. Thus, students with a background in economics (i.e. BA in Economics or equivalent) or related fields are invited to continue or start their economics studies in Bern. In addition, the University of Bern offers a minor program on the Master’s level with 15 and 30 ECTS for students with majors other than economics. 

Students learn to apply advanced economic theories to economic problems. In addition, the Department of Economics puts great emphasis on learning both to process and analyze data in various fields. Thus, students are well prepared to solve applied economic problems. The curriculum is very flexible and can be adapted to personal abilities and interests. In addition, work experience (e.g. internships) and studies at other universities can be credited.

Hauptgebäude/Studium/Aula/Studenten in Hörsaal
Basic information
Degree: Master of Science in Economics, Universität Bern
Number of credits: 90 ECTS credits
Degree programs:

Mono 90 ECTS credits

Offer for other degree programs:

  • Minor 30 or 15 ECTS credits
Duration: 3 semesters
Language: English
Beginning studies: Fall or spring semester

Mandatory courses/requirements

  • Microeconomics II (4.5 ECTS)
  • Macroeconomics II (4.5 ECTS)
  • Econometrics II (4.5 ECTS) 
  • Two seminar electives

Internship (optional, 6 ECTS credits)

It is recommended that students also complete an internship related to economics. This internship must be approved beforehand by a professor (permission form available from the Dean's Office).

Master thesis (20 ECTS)

The Master program is concluded with a master thesis (20 ECTS credits).

Individual academic requirements

The following academic qualifications are required for admission to the master’s degree program in Economics (mono):

a) Bachelor's degree from a Swiss university, or an equivalent degree, in the branch of studies Economics *
b) Bachelor's degree from a Swiss university with a major in another branch of studies *
c) Bachelor's degree from a foreign university with a major in Economics. *
A GMAT score of at least 575 points for the mathematics (quantitative) and language (verbal) element is also required. This test result must be submitted with the application and documents. The test may not be taken retrospectively; it must be completed before the application is submitted.
d) Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from a Swiss or foreign university of applied sciences. 
It is not possible to be directly admitted to the master's degree program in Economics. Generally, students will be assessed and assigned to the 5th semester of the bachelor's degree program in Economics.
* Additional attainments of up to 60 ECTS credits may be required. These can either be admission requirements which must be fulfilled in order to complete the master's degree program or admission requirements which must be fulfilled before admission to the master's degree program. The ECTS credits will be listed separately in the diploma supplement as extracurricular attainments.

Please consult the admission requirements for the minors as presented in the plan of studies.

Recognition of the bachelor's degree will be individually decided upon if the degree is more than six years old. Additional attainments may be required.

For questions regarding application and admission, please contact the Admissions Office.

Application and admission

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For questions regarding application and admission, please contact the Admissions Office.